Storm Drain System / Pipeline Containment System

GEM holdings has developed a unique "Storm Drain", Patent's and Patent's pending, design that provides a method of curving modular components.  These components can ascend and descend elevations and do not require a junction box to redirect the flow as in modular pipes of round or box design. This technology also provides a unique dependable, long life seal system for all three pipe designs. Our GEM technology provides improved fluid containment and pipe integrity. The major benefits of this GEM Technology would be increased flow efficiency, greater longevity, improved structural strength due to non-ridged modular components containing a long-life, non-ridged seal technology capable of withstanding adverse forces.  GEM has also incorporated a unique earthquake technology in its secondary confinement pipes that will allow the primary pipe to absorb the earthquake energy and maintain its integrity, while providing a secondary pipe confinement in the event of primary pipe failure. This is a patent pending design used in the secondary confinement pipe and allows for the absorption of tremor energy, thus protecting the primary pipe. This technology is primarily targeted to the GEM triangular modular secondary containment pipe, but will apply to other technologies with or without confinement.