Welcome to GEM Investments Holdings Ltd.

GEM Investments Holdings Ltd. is a technology development corporation that assists in the reduction of environmental impacts upon the earth. GEM Holdings Ltd. operates out of Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and opened its doors in 2014. We are a Green Technology company developing the most efficient GEM Nontraditional Hydro Kinetic Turbine in the world. This is our patented and patent pending technology.  We have our patented and patent pending GEM Culvert Technology that replaces multi-plate culverts and small bridges having many unique qualities and advantages over other designs, while emphasizing public safety, wildlife well being, and reducing environmental impact. We also have patents and patent's pending on a method of "Curving Storm Drains", as well as providing corners for the round, box and (GEM) Triangular pipes using precast concrete and a unique method of reducing earthquake impact on oil and gas pipelines. The GEM anti-earthquake technology can be used with the existing cradle technology that is in use in the Prudhoe Bay oil field. It can also be used in secondary containment lines for environmentally sensitive areas. This technology has been critiqued by professionals and deemed to be a functional, relatively inexpensive solution to earthquake impact by using gravity to reduce impact on pipelines.   
The GEM Investments Holdings Ltd. engineering team has developed a program using Auto-Desk software to observe flow characteristics in pipes or flow channels. The program we have developed is used for turbulence, velocities, and velocity locations and impacts believed to be unique in conducting studies. Auto-Desk's software was crucial in the development of our "Green Technologies".  
Our goal at GEM Investments Holdings Ltd. is to produce superior products, that have a zero environmental impact and address environmental and safety concerns while remaining competitive in the marketplace. We believe that GEM Holdings has accomplished this goal in developing its technologies and is continuously improving on the development of our environmentally friendly designed products.   Our GEM corporation is striving to reduce the "carbon footprint", on the environment for families of today and tomorrow.
Murray W. Smith Inventor President., Sagar Chaudhary Mechanical Corporate Engineer, Sarah Smith Vice President and Office Manager.
Patent Numbers: CA 2751052, US 9,228,312,B2, WO #2017/139874, CA 2738399, 9,611,828, ZL201280024877.3,   
Patent Pending Numbers: 1120130276029, 3261/KOLNP/2013, CA 2920838