Hydro-kinetic Turbine Deployment in Rivers and Oceans

Hydro-Kinetic Turbines are Deployed in a Number of Ways

-  On pontoons or barges where floatation allows for flow depth fluctuation.

-  Diversion channels to protect turbine from ice, debris and adverse weather in northern climates.

-  Single unit or multiple units an appropriate distance of seperation downstream to be determined by GEM computer simulations.

The first step is to construct the turbine and generators on a barge or pontoons. This method can use the pontoons to adjust the unit to the fluctuations of flow depth. This type of installation is much faster as it allows for a modular assembly and deployment.

 A second system would be to mount the turbine on pilings in a stream bed or canal. This installation can provide debris protection and allows for a power house to be designed and installed.