GEM Turbine Video



GEM Holdings corporate engineer designed a GEM concept turbine to adequately operate a 5 kilowatt or a 6.25 KVA alternator in the minimum flow of 1.5 m/sec. or 5 feet per second water velocity.  The test site had low flow during testing where the water was 2.5 feet per second as tested in the video.  This flow provided approximately 2850 foot pounds per second of torque from the GEM Turbine.  The gear box consumed 1950 foot pounds per second of torque.  The excess torque of (2850-1950 foot pounds per second) or 900 foot pounds per second of torque or (900 foot pounds per second/ 550 foot pounds per second) or 1.6 horse power was inadequate to drive the alternator tat requires 9 horsepower including efficiency. The rpm was inadequate as the water velocity was too low. The test provided the corporate engineer adequate information for a torque to horsepower curve relative to flow velocity and rpm. He combined this test with previous prototype and computer testing and was able to determine the GEM Turbine performance, validating previous testing as well as the Malaysian flow channel results of 89% efficiency. Future testing was not conducted due to anchor failure resulting in turbine damage.  This is a video of the test GEM concept Turbine and is not a production unit as the production model will have increased efficiency, stability, longevity plus other design features not disclosed.